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British Varicose Vein Centre: Varicose vein surgery and treatment in London

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If you suffer from the embarrassment of unsightly varicose or thread veins you will want to ensure the highest standards of varicose vein surgery and treatment at a time to suit you.  The British Varicose Vein Centre understand that comfort and appearance is important to you as well as the reassurance of being able to obtain the most effective treatment without having to wait.

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The British Varicose Vein Centre, based at the Hospital of St Johns and St Elizabeth at St Johns Wood, in central London,  was established to provide a nationwide network of vascular specialists dedicated exclusively for the diagnosis and treatment of varicose and thread veins under local anaesthetic in the out-patient environment.  

Their network of vascular specialists offers unrivalled experience and expertise in using the latest ELVeS™ and EVLT™ (laser) treatments. This technique is performed under local anaesthetic with some patients returning to work the same day. Other techniques used include VNUS Closure and Veinwave techniques as well as traditional varicose vein surgery and microsclerotherapy. Thread veins, spider veins and facial veins are treated using micro-sclerotherapy, Veinwave and Photoderm.

The British Varicose Veins Centre puts you in control to choose the timing of your consultation and treatment. Because there aren't any waiting lists you decide when and where to obtain advice and treatment - next week, next month or next year.  Private treatment offers you the advantage of being dealt with personally by the specialist.

The British Varicose Vein Centre is committed to providing a personalised service of the highest quality.

For further information or to arrange a consultation with one of their specialists please call Freephone 0800 374 219 or send them an email.


Diagnosis and investigation

Careful clinical examination of the leg veins is necessary before treatment starts. Ultrasound equipment is used to assess the veins which cannot be seen through the skin. This investigation is painless and helps to pin-point the source of the problem. 

The scan is vital in establishing an accurate diagnosis which immeasurably improves the success of treatment and post-operative complications. Long term recurrence rates are thus reduced to less than 3% in comparison to a recurrence rate throughout the U.K estimated by some to be as high as 35%.

Doppler Ultrasound

Two kinds of machine are used in the diagnosis of varicose veins. The expertise of the specialists will determine which type of investigation is appropriate in your case.

a) Hand-held Doppler: These are small "pocket" machines used by vascular specialists. They produce a sound as a result of blood flow. It is particularly useful in selecting those patients who require more detailed examination by duplex ultrasound scanning.

b) Duplex Ultrasound Scanning: Occasionally it may be necessary for the specialist to link the ultrasound to a computer. Colour duplex ultrasound imaging provides a moving picture of the blood vessels in the leg. A blood flow 'map' is added which shows the direction of blood flow in veins. This enables a record to be made showing the precise location of the leaking valves.

Treatments offered

Their centres throughout the United Kingdom provide diagnostic techniques and precision treatments by experienced vascular specialists, leading experts in their field, producing excellent surgical and cosmetic results.  All consultations and treatments are performed by highly experienced vascular specialists holding consultant posts at major NHS Hospitals.

British Varicose Vein centre - before and after images
Varicose veins - before and after treatment

Treatment costs

The initial assessment involves a painless ultrasound examination to pinpoint exact problem areas thus allowing for precision treatment. You will then be given a quote depending on the treatment recommended by the vascular specialist. Consultation inclusive of a VNUS Duplex Scan is £290.

Leg treatment fees

  • Microsclerotherapy for the treatment of thread veins on the legs.
    £200 per 30 minute session. (this is a guide, more detail can be provided after seeng the consultant)

  • Veinwave for the treatment of thread veins on the legs.
    £200 per 30 minute session. (this is a guide, more detail can be provided after seeng the consultant)

  • Stripping Procedure
    A price will be advised in writing following your consultation, although a laser treatment is now common.
    99% of Primary Varicose Veins treatments are now treated by ELVeS™

  • VNUS & EVLT™ Closure Procedure
    A price will be advised in writing following your consultation.

Facial treatment fees

  • PhotoDerm for the treatment of facial thread veins.
    Consultation and Patch Test: £200 including a trial path
    £200 per 30 minute session.

  • Veinwave for the treatment of facial thread veins.
    Facial Consultation: Included in first session.
    £200 per 30 minute session.

Where thread vein treatments are required, the approximate number of sessions will be advised at consultation.

British varicose vein centre - hospital of St John and Elizabeth

Contact details

Head Office

The Hospital of St John and Elizabeth
Grove End Road

For an appointment, call:

Tel: 0207 078 3822

Freephone: 0800 374 219

Fax:  0207 078 3877

Email:       bvvc@varicoseveins.co.uk

Website:  www.varicoseveins.co.uk

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