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France Surgery: Urology treatment in France

France Surgery
IMTJ Awards

France Surgery is based in Toulouse in south west France. They have 20 years' experience offering world class surgery and hospital treatment in the French healthcare system. Surgery and treatment available includes urology, cardiology, eye surgery, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, bariatric surgery, cancer care, cosmetic treatment and vascular surgery.

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Who are France Surgery?

France Surgery is a private company that has been organising and facilitating treatment in the French healthcare sector for over two decades. Their experts (doctors, specialists and healthcare professionals) will put you in touch with internationally recognised specialists in the best hospitals in the world-class French health network. Put your trust in France Surgery for a guarantee of outstanding care and secure and safe treatment.

Why France Surgery?

  • A network of 120 hospitals in France
  • Over 1500 highly qualified and experienced medical experts 
  • Online consultation at home
  • Your specialist in France will consult directly with you and your GP or consultant
  • Highly experienced multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals
  • Continued access to your doctor after you return home
  • Awarded Best Medical Travel Agency 2015 in London
  • France Surgery is a certified organisation

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France Surgery

The French Healthcare system

The French Healthcare System is rated as one of the world's best. Its philosophy of patient centered service and equal access for all provides the very best standards of care and consistency in the services received by all who pass through the French health network.

Patients travelling from abroad are welcomed with many foreign citizens and medical tourists already enjoying the excellent health services of the French system.

International patients

The International Patients Service at France Surgery will provide you with information, advice and services regarding:

  • The network of 120 French hospitals available to you
  • Your travel and accommodation requirements
  • Any individual religious or cultural needs you may have


France Surgery offers a service tailored to your specific needs in order to make your trip as comfortable and relaxing as possible.


Urology treatment in France

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the kidneys, male reproductive system and urinary system.

Robotic-assisted (da vinci) prostatectomy - a radical prostatectomy is an operation carried out to remove the prostate for patients who have prostate cancer. Robotic-assisted (Da Vinci®) laparoscopic radical prostatectomy is the least invasive existing surgical technique to remove the prostate gland.

Stress urinary incontinence - the involuntary leakage of urine during exercise or certain movements such as coughing, sneezing and laughing.

TURP - trans urethral resection of the prostate - surgery to remove the inner part of the prostate which was responsible for causing the narrowing of the urethra

Ureteroscopic stone removal - allows the breakdown of urinary stones or kidney stones into small fragments and removing them for immediate relief

Green laser - a procedure that uses a laser to remove excess tissue in the central part of your prostate gland. The laser uses concentrated light to generate precise and intense heat which vaporises the tissue.

Contact France Surgery

13 Bd Deltour
31500 Toulouse

Tel: +33 953 02 03 09

Email: contact@france-surgery.com

Web:  www.france-surgery.com

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