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Pregnancy scans - healthy baby

Most pregnant women have at least one ultrasound scan to capture pictures of their unborn baby and check for abnormalities such as Down’s Syndrome, spina bifida and heart defects. A variety of additional private pregnancy scans and investigations are also available, such as 3D scans and 4D scans.

A 3D ultrasound scan provides a much more detailed picture than a traditional 2D ultrasound scan. The 3D ultrasound image can provide more accurate measurements, and both doctors and parents can better appreciate a certain abnormality or the absence of a certain abnormality with a 3D scan. 3D ultrasound pregnancy scans also show how the baby 'behaves' in the womb and is able to monitor foetal movement. With 3D ultrasound, you can actually see what your baby looks like before birth, making a 3D scan a good way of bonding with your unborn child.

A 4D fetal ultrasound scan adds the dimension of time to these images so that you get live images of  the movement of the child in the womb. It's the difference between a video and a still photograph. A private ultrasound 4d scan centre in the UK  will usually provide you with a video or DVD of the 4D ultrasound scan.

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