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Bariatric Services: Obesity clinic in Tallinn, Estonia

Bariatric Services - logo Aug 16

Bariatric Services in Tallinn, Estonia is the largest bariatric surgery centre in the Baltic region and Finland. With a highly experienced team of specialist surgeons, Bariatric Services provides affordable access to laparoscopic (keyhole) bariatric procedures including gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, bariatric surgery revisions as well as a range of plastic surgery options.

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Deciding to undergo bariatric surgery is a major decision with lifelong consequences. The experts at Bariatric Services approach each case on an individual basis, helping patients to find the solution that best meets their health and lifestyle needs.

Experienced surgeons

Ilmar Kaur, MD

Bariatric Services - Dr. Ilmar Kaur
Head Surgeon: Dr Ilmar Kaur

Bariatric Services’ head surgeon, Dr Ilmar Kaur is Estonia’s leading bariatric surgeon. He is the chief surgeon at the Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Department of The North Estonia Medical Centre, and, as President of the Estonian Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, is responsible for the accreditation of other bariatric surgeons in the country.

Dr Kaur performs hundreds of weight loss surgeries each year, and in 2012 was named Estonian Doctor of the Year. He speaks fluent English, Russian, Estonian and Finnish.

Siim Simmo, MD

Trained in Finland and Estonia, Dr Siim Simmo is a highly experienced plastic surgeon with a specialist expertise in abdominoplasty, breast surgery and liposuction. He has worked at the department of corrective plastic surgery at Länsi-Uusimaa Hospital in Finland since 2007, and has been chief of that department since 2014.

A native speaker of Estonian, Dr Simmo is also fluent in English, Finnish and Russian.

Priit Miidla, MD

Dr Priit Miidla graduated in medicine from the University of Tartu and undertook his bariatric and plastic surgery training at bariatric centres in Sweden, Lithuania, the USA and France. He is currently general and bariatric surgeon at The North Estonia Medical Centre and speaks Estonian, English and Russian.

Outstanding patient care

Bariatric Services - team
Bariatric Services team

With an English-speaking Bariatric Programme Co-ordinator and specialist bariatric nurse, the team at Bariatric Services are committed to supporting their patients throughout their treatment journey, not only for the time that they are in Estonia, but also when they return home.  Recognising that bariatric surgery is just the first step towards a new, healthier life, they provide a 5-year programme of follow-ups with the surgeon and a dietician as part of their standard surgical package.

Bariatric Services’ surgical procedures take place in one of two modern hospitals in Tallinn: The North Estonia Medical Centre and Private Hospital Fertilitas.

One of Estonia’s top health care providers, The North Estonia Medical Centre (NEMC) is a large regional hospital with excellent facilities. Bariatric surgeries are performed in the new X Wing of the NEMC, a totally digitised, contemporary and logistically efficient building that offers the highest possible standards of safety. Hospital’s personnel speaks English and bariatric patients cared for by trained bariatric nurses with a specialist bariatric surgeon on-call 24/7. The hospital is highly experienced in the treatment of high-risk bariatric patients.

For patients who choose to travel with a family member, Bariatric Services also offer surgery at Private Hospital Fertilitas, the largest private hospital in Estonia, with four operating theatres and an intensive care centre. The hospital’s private double rooms mean that a companion can stay overnight, although accommodation is also available in the 4 star Viimsi SPA hotel nearby.

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Treatments available at Bariatric Services in Estonia

Bariatric surgery

Bariatric Services - hospital
The North Estonia Medical Centre

Plastic surgery

Treatment packages

Bariatric operations

Bariatric Services - clinical team
Bariatric surgery: At your service

Gastric bypass surgery - £4850

Gastric sleeve resection - £4850

Gastric balloon BIB - £2000

Revisional bariatric surgery

Band to bypass - £4730 - £5300

Sleeve to bypass - £4730 - £5300

Post-bariatric plastic surgery

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) - £2950

Mini Tummy tuck - £2290

Extended Tummy tuck - £3940

Body lift - £5700

Breast enlargement - £2950

Breast lift - £2950

Breast lift and enlargement - £3470

Arm lift - £1970

Thigh lift - £2550


Prices from £1300 for 2 regions to £2480 for 10 regions

What’s included?

Treatment package prices are inclusive of:

Bariatric Services - Lobby area
Bariatric Services - Lobby area
  • Screenings: initial analysis of medical data and consultation via e-mail or telephone
  • Pre-operative information and eliciting informed consent
  • Nutritional or dietary counselling
  • Pre-operative investigations and examinations at the hospital
  • All costs involved in the surgical procedure
  • A hospital stay of up to 4 nights in a private room
  • Post-operative dietary consultation within the first year via e-mail
  • Pre-departure medical examination
  • Medical documents
  • Consultations with surgeon, if necessary
  • Transfers between the airport/port/bus station and hotel
  • 24/7 assistance for the duration of the stay in Estonia
  • Help with travel arrangements, such as obtaining a visa, booking accommodation, sightseeing and transport recommendations

Getting treatment

Bariatric Services - Merle Saarevali
Your Bariatric Services contact - Merle Saarevali

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