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Obesity treatment

Obesity surgery

If you are overweight or obese, losing weight can make you healthier, which can reduce the likelihood of serious health risks such diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and certain types of cancer.  The safest and least intrusive way to reduce weight is to adjust your diet and and increase physical activity (exercise).

Bariatric surgery, also known as obesity surgery or weight loss surgery, refers to a variety of procedures aimed at combating obesity by modification of the gastrointestinal tract to reduce nutrient intake and/or absorption.

Obesity treatments include:

  • Gastric banding

  • Gastric bypass

  • Gastric balloon insertion 

Obesity / weight loss surgery is the most effective treatment for individuals with chronic weight problems who have been unable to achieve and maintain weight loss by other means.  Obesity surgery reduces health risks, improves mobility, restores self-confidence and self-esteem and improves long-term survival.  In experienced hands, obesity surgery is a remarkably safe form of treatment.

We feature obesity clinics and obesity surgeons in countries such as India and the United States.

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Obesity treatment articles and treatments

Articles and features

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