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UR Vistahermosa: Assisted reproduction and infertility treatment in Alicante, Spain

UR Vistahermosa
 With more than 30 years experience, UR Vistahermosa is a clinic in Alicante, Spain offering a range of high quality infertility treatments including assisted hatching, donor insemination, egg donation, embryo donations and IVF treatment for single women, homosexual couples and heterosexual couples.

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UR Vistahermosa parents and baby

Why choose UR Vistahermosa?

  • They are located right inside of a Hospital. This means more security and trust in the treatment.
  • They have more than 30 years of experience in fertility treatments.
  • They deal with all the current fertility techniques and are specialized in the most complex techniques, like Egg donation or CGH Array
  • They have our own Genetics Department and offer Genetic Counselling.  They are experts in prenatal and preimplantation diagnosis, Annexin Columns to select the healthiest sperm, FISH test to screen the sperm genetically, DNA Fragmentation test to study if the sperm is fragmented.
  • They consider all potential immune problems in our patients that could be a risk for the pregnancy and we treat them with intralipids, corticoids, anti- clotting injections …
  • They treat low responder IVF patients using growth hormones to improve their chance of achieving an evolutive pregnancy.
  • The DNA of all their donors is kept in the BIOBANK at their genetics unit for more peace of mind and tranquillity about the baby’s health.
  • Their Andrology department can deal with all sperm recovery techniques when there is no sperm on ejaculation or the sperm is immobile or dead.
  • They believe in providing our patients with appropriate levels of personal support as they go through treatment. As a result, they provide an option for patients to engage in Fertility Support Coaching as they journey through this challenging life experience
  • They collaborate with both Universities in Alicante to improve their results and their Master’s Degree has formed, since 1999, professionals for many European clinics. At the moment, they collaborate with the Mexican Ministry of Health in different researching programmes.

Dedicated and highly experienced team of infertility specialists

UR Vistahermosa know that their most important asset is their multi-disciplinary team. Dedicated, professional and highly experienced, their team is made up of gynaecologists, embryologists, geneticists, nurses, andrologists, assistants, administration staff and international patients department, who all work hard to ensure that you only receive the highest standards of care.

Ensuring they deliver the highest standards in everything they do is something they guarantee for every patient. They meet all the safety requirements; provide transparency in everything they do, taking into consideration the ethics of every action. By combining their knowledge, skills and expertise, they are able to provide you with the most-up-to-date, highly effective treatments.

Infertility treatments in Spain

UR Vistahermosa offers an extensive range of infertility treatments, tests and procedures including:

  • Donor insemination
  • Egg donation                                   
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
  • Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS)


UR Vistahermosa family

Increasing your chances and dreams of having a baby

UR Vistahermosa believe that single women and heterosexual couples are entitled to having a child just as equally as heterosexual couples, which is why they help and support all patients to conceive.

UR Vistahermosa parents and baby

Outstanding infertility treatment success rates at UR Vistahermosa

The Reproduction Unit provides an extensive range of highly effective and high quality treatments, which have been demonstrated through their outstanding infertility treatment success rates, which are higher than those published by the Fertility Spanish Society.

  • Their egg donation program has a 90% success rate after two cycles
  • Their IVF-ICSI success rate on average ranges between 40-65%, with women under 35 success rates at 70%.
  • After four cycles of CAI they have a 60% success rate
  • After 4 cycles of DAI they have an 80% success rate

International patients department

Their friendly and caring team in the international department can help to arrange every aspect of your trip, from organising your plane tickets, accommodation and coordinating your treatments, helping you feel relaxed and stress-free. They get in touch with your gynaecologist to help establish the most appropriate treatment, meaning you won’t need to travel to Spain beforehand.

Contact details

UR Vistahermosa

Avenida de Denia, 103




Tel: +34 672272961

Fax: +34 965262405

Email: internacional@urvistahermosa.com

Website: urvistahermosa.com





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