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AVA-Peter Clinic: Infertility treatment in Russia

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Opened since 1996, AVA-Peter Clinic is the largest private IVF clinic in Russia, specialising in the treatment of infertility in both male and females. They provide a wide range of the latest assisted reproduction treatments and tests including: IVF, artificial insemination, preimplantation genetic screening. 

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Why choose AVA-Peter, Russia?

AVA-Peter is one of the largest assisted reproductions clinics in Russia, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to help make your dream of a baby come true. They pair their state-of-the-art facilities with highly qualified physicians to offer the latest medical interventions to treat your infertility problems, including:



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With nearly 6 babies welcomed each day and having performed over 5000 IVF cycles per year, AVA-Peter understand the tiniest details that contribute to a successful pregnancy which is why they have some of the highest pregnancy rates, of over 60% with single embryo transfer, in Russia and Europe.

That’s why irrespective of your medical history, or whether you’re a couple, single parent or gay partners, AVA-Peter can help find a solution to your infertility issues. They also offer Live Birth Money back guarantees for egg donation and embryo adoption so that if at the end of your fertility treatment your experience is unsuccessful, AVA will refund 70% of your fee.

Fertility experts

Team- Ava

Helping you to realise your dream of a baby is AVA-Peter’s multidisciplinary team of highly proficient specialists. Their expert team comprises of geneticists, embryologists, obstetricians and fertility specialists, whom all collaborate to coordinate each aspect of your fertility treatment.

Consistency in your care

Understanding your dream of a family, AVA-Peter go the extra mile to maximise your chances of a pregnancy. That’s why their physicians give you 100% commitment, taking care of you every step of the way, from the very first consultation to your delivery of a healthy baby.


Situated in the historical city of St. Petersburg, Russia, AVA-Peter is located in the heart of the city, opposite the magical Kazan Cathedral. Easily accessible from all around the city, the clinic is just minutes away from canals, cultural sites and shopping districts, offering an amazing experience no matter what your taste.

AVA-Peter offers excellent transport links with the international airport just a 30 minute ride away and the subway station located just 50 meters from the clinic. The clinic also offers airport transfer and guided tour of the city free to all patients!

St Petersburg, Russia

Contact AVA-Peter Clinic for fertility treatment in Russia

Ava Peter Logo

AVA-Peter Clinic

Nevsky pr. 22-24

St Petersburg



Tel: +44 203 769 0342

Tel: +781 2600 7812

Fax: +781 2600 7813

Email: info@clinic.avapeter.com

Website: www.avapeter.com

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