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Dentesse: Affordable cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Romania

Dentesse: Affordable cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Romania

Dentesse Dental Implant Center has been offering dental treatment in Romania to patients from abroad since 1998. They specialize in dental implants and a broad range of cosmetic dental treatments including: crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures and tooth whitening. They also provide oral surgery and conservative dentistry treatments such as tooth extractions, root canal treatment and orthodontic braces. 

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About Dentesse Dental Implant Center in Romania

Established in 1998, the first Dentesse clinic began providing dental services with a team of 3 doctors. In the next 10 years they developed their dental clinic and in 2010 they opened a second clinic, and at the moment are preparing for the third one.

Now Dentesse is proud to boast a team of 14 highly specialized English-speaking dentists, covering all fields of dental implantology and dentistry and providing treatments to Western European standards at Eastern European prices.  

Dental implant


Ceramic crown


Zirconia crown


Full mouth - same day implants


(upper and lower) BREDENT Fast&Fix




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Affordable dental implants from Dentesse in Romania. More value for your money!

Cheap dental implants with lifetime guarantee from £290

The Dentesse implantology team has have treated more than 1000 patients within the last 3 years, using more than 5000 dental implants with a 99.5% success rate. At £290 per implant this represents approximately 70% savings on Western European prices, with no loss of quality.

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Same day dental implants - Ceapest and fastest way for a full mouth restoration

Dental implants provide effective solutions for missing teeth problems; however, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of spending a few months without teeth while waiting for the implants to be fully healed – and before the teeth restorations can be placed. 

Traditional dental implants need to have a few months in order to heal properly, before they can fully be integrated with the surrounding tissue – and before prosthetic teeth can be attached.

Bredent Fast and Fixed implants (same day implants) provide those with missing teeth problems with a smile that they can immediately enjoy within one day, with long-lasting and reliable results!

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Digital dental implant planning

Three-dimensional data generated by our in--house CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) offers a surgical view of the entire field from all angles. These scans help determining bone structure, dimensions and density, tooth orientation, nerve canals and pathology.

This data is crucial for the success of dental implants. 

Dentesse: Affordable cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Romania
Dentesse: Beauty and relaxation in Romania

Beauty and relaxation treatments in Romania

While taking care of your smile, while not take care of your looks?

The Dentesse beauty centre offers a range of body, face, hair and nail treatments. Their nutritionists will help you with your diet and recommend the perfect way to a great looking body, no matter your age. Loosing weight will be easier than ever.

Contact Dentesse for dental treatment in Romania

Dentesse: Affordable cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Romania

Four steps to top class dental treatment abroad

It's easy to get the best care available for a lot less money, while enjoying a great city in the eastern Europe.

Step 1. Contact Dentesse or request a callback for a quotation

Provide all the information about the dental problems you have. The Dentesse team of doctors will discuss your problem and come up with a treatment plan and price quotation.

Step 2. Pick dates for travel and book flight and accommodation

Dentesse will help you find the cheapest and fastest flight available for the dates selected. Also they can recommend appropriate accommodation for the time you will spend abroad.

Average price for a plane ticket is £100. One night in a 3* hotel is £25.

Step 3. Arrival in Romania

At the airport (Iasi or Bacau, depending on the flights chosen) you will be met by an English-speaking representative. Don’t forget Dentesse offer free limo pick-up from the airport and complimentary local mobile phone to stay in touch 24/7. iPad with internet connection is available upon request.

They will take you to your hotel, and after check in and some time to acclimatise, they will take you to one of the clinics for a free initial consultation and X-rays if necessary.

Step 4. High quality, affordable dental treatment in Romania

The Dentesse team of dentists will perform all necessary procedures in order to complete the treatment plan in the shortest time possible.

In the meantime, you will enjoy our city's points of interests, restaurants, shopping malls and tremendous nightlife!

Dentesse Dental Implant Centre

Tel: +44 207 570 0327 (UK)

       +40 741 025 044 (RO)

Email: contact@affordabledentistry.co.uk


Complete the online contact form or request a callback.

Dentesse: Affordable cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Romania
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