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The Face Surgeons: Facial surgery in London

The Face Surgeons: Facial surgery in London

Situated next to the world-famous Harley Street, The Face Surgeons is a leading multidisciplinary clinic for treatments of the face, head and neck. Their experienced surgeons are highly specialised in providing treatments for eyes, nose, skin, chin, jaw, ears, forehead and lips and mouth. They also offer premium facial rejuvenation surgery, as well as facial feminisation surgery and a host of non-surgical treatments.

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The Face Surgeons recognise the often-worrying prospect of facial surgery, and understand that choosing the correct surgeon is of upmost importance for the patient. The clinic strives to provide anybody that seeks facial surgery with the best available advice from an expert in their field of care.

As a multidisciplinary clinic, they offer both cosmetic and medical treatments. The clinic employs one oculoplastic surgeon, one ear, nose and throat specialist, and three maxillofacial surgeons. As a result, an unrivalled range of treatments is on offer.

Treatments at The Face Surgeons

The clinic is run by a team of highly specialised surgeons, each rigorously trained in their field to offer the finest facial treatments. Each treatment utilises the most advanced technologies and techniques in order to optimise the outcome of the procedure. A comprehensive range of expertise is covered by the team at The Face Surgeons, allowing for a vast range of medical and cosmetic treatments to be performed. The clinic offers industry leading treatments for:

  • Eyes – Patients seeking cosmetic eye treatments benefit from The Face Surgeons resident specialist consultant ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeon. Her range of expertise covers treatments of the eye such as watery eyes and tear duct blockage, eye removal, orbital rim implants, blepharitis, lower blepharoplasty, ptosis repair, entropion, ectropion, chalazion, upper blepharoplasty and eyelid skin cancer.
  • Nose – The clinic offers unrivalled expertise when it comes to surgery of the nose. Their consistently high results are a testament to their attention to detail when providing treatments of the nose. The treatments they offer include rhinoplasty/septorhinoplasty, rhinoplasty with grafting, nasal reconstruction, endoscopic sinus surgery, cleft rhinoplasty and balloon sinuplasty.
  • Facial rejuvenation surgery – Aging skin has a tendency to lost volume in the face, in particular beneath the eyes and in the cheeks. The Face Surgeons offer a comprehensive range of aesthetic solutions to restore this volume. The procedures they offer include fat transfer, silhouette lift, SMAS Facelift, neck lift, mid-facelift, mini facelift and browlift.
  • Chin surgery – There are many options for aesthetic chin surgery, and the specialists at the clinic are able to adjust entire appearance of the chin, including the chin size, width/length and location. The treatments that are available include genioplasty, chin reduction, chin implants and chin feminisation.
  • Jaw surgeryThe Face Surgeons benefit from dual qualified surgeons that possess qualifications in dentistry as well as medicine. This provides the patient with a greater perspective of the options available to them when it comes to cosmetic jaw surgery. The complete range of treatments on offer include jaw augmentation with implants (mandibular angle), maxillary osteotomy, orthognathic surgery and mandibular osteotomy.
  • Ears – Surgeons at the Face Clinic offer a complete range of cosmetic ear treatments. They offer repair and correction to get the most desirable looking ears. The treatments they offer include splitearlobe repair, earlobe reduction and bat ear correction/otoplasty/pinnaplasty.
  • Forehead surgery – Forehead surgery is carried out using the most modern techniques, known for achieving the most predictable, reliable outcomes. The forehead surgery treatments that are available include forehead shaving, frontal bossing and hairline lowering surgery.
  • Lips and mouthThe team of expert specialists at The Face Surgeons are highly capable of performing surgery for all aspects of the lips and mouth. Miss Caroline Mills is a leading lip lift surgeon. Other treatments include the salivary glands, tongue and lips. The clinic treats salivary gland tumours, obstructive salivary gland disease, tongue tie, oral lumps and bumps and provides innovative cosmetic lip surgeries.
  • Facial feminisation surgery – As facial appearances vary between males and females; the facial feminisation surgery is available to individuals wishing to feminise masculine features. This is achieved through specific forehead and jaw surgery.
  • Skin – The Face Surgeons pride themselves on the ability to perform a vast range of facial skin surgeries. Both cosmetic and medical, the procedures are performed by surgeons at the forefront of their medical field. The treatments that they offer include Moh’s micrographic surgery to treat skin cancer, general skin cancer treatment and the removal of moles, lumps and bumps.
  • Non-surgical treatmentsAlongside the industry leading facial surgeries available, the clinic also offers premium non-surgical treatments.The treatments that they offer include wrinkle reduction treatments, skin peels and dermal fillers.

Accurate Quotes for surgery can only be raised after the initial consultation with the surgeon. Initial consultations last 60 mins and are £250; with follow appointments at £180 for 30 mins.

The Facial Surgeons

As a group of highly specialised consultants and surgeons, the team at the Facial Surgeons are unrivalled in the spectrum of expertise and subsequent treatments that they can offer. Among the team are award winning surgeons, who have all excelled in lengthy training regimes and have accumulated a large number of years’ experience. They are dedicated to working on the face and neck, and have an excellent understanding with one another, employing the belief that their rapport gets the best out of the group, providing the patient with the available expertise of the entire team at The Face Surgeons.

Ways to pay

Initial consultation is £250 which is payable at the time of the initial booking. Follow up fees are £180. Diagnostic services such as x-rays, scans and nasendoscopy will incur an extra charge.

Contact information

The Face Surgeons

60 Wimpole Street



Email: admin@thefacesurgeons.co.uk

Tel: 020 7487 2773 

Web: thefacesurgeons.co.uk

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