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ISCARE Plastic Surgery: Cosmetic surgery in Prague, Czech Republic


ISCARE Plastic Surgery clinic offers a unique combination of modern and well equipped operating rooms, a leading team of surgeons and experienced team of anaesthesiologists to carry out your wishes and desires in the high-rise Lighthouse building. ISCARE Plastic clinic provide services such as face lifts, nose surgery, abdominoplasty, eyelid surgery, breast surgery and others.

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With regard to the maximum possible results they focus on careful individual consultation when choosing the correct operating methods. After planning an adequate operational plan and detailed descriptions of performance they also plan postoperative treatments and the convalescence procedures.

ISCARE's modern clinic is equipped with high-tech devices and offers intensive care service units, it's own inpatients ward and its own professional staff. You will be looked after by a professional staff and a team of doctors led by Vera Satankova, M.D. and Vlastimil Visek, M.D. You can find their CVs at the bottom of this page.

ISCARE clinic is available to call you back, provide free accommodation booking or airport shuttle. Personal assistant - Lucie Janku - is available to all foreign patients.


ISCARE Plastic surgery clinic in Prague: Cosmetic surgery available

Plastic surgeries

  • Face, chin and neck surgery (including endoscopic modelling)
  • Forehead, nose, eyelids and lips surgery (enlarging and modelling)
  • Protruding ear lobes
  • Breast surgery
  • Downsizing (modelling and reduction)
  • Enlarging (augmentation)
  • Combinations (modelling and augmentation)
  • Abdomen (including muscle reconstruction)
  • Arms and thighs surgery
  • VaserLipo
  • Hi-Def Liposculpturing


The ISCARE clinic is now providing as the first clinic in Czech Republic also the Vaser Lipo and Vaser Hi Def procedures. Ultimate fat elimination methods that refine body contours and accentuate the athletic appearance of muscles by liposculpturing.

Laser surgery

  • Lower eyelids (transconjunctival blepharoplasty)
  • Face and other parts of the human body

Liposuction with tumescence


ISCARE Clinic can also offer:

Iscare plastic surgery also offers free accommodation booking or airport shuttle for clients. Please ask them for these services when contacting them.

  • Free accommodation booking
  • Airport shuttle
  • Request a call back
  • Personal assistant - Lucie Janku - excellent english speaker
  • Wifi connection in all rooms
  • TV with 300 channels in all rooms

They are in close contact with leading world trends in the field of plastic surgery and they thrive from the long term practical experience of their surgeons and the entire team. Do not hesitate to contact them and utilise their unique experience.


Cost of cosmetic surgeries available at ISCARE Clinic Prague, Czech Republic

Please download their complete priceslist below.

Discuss the individual services you require by phone 00420 702 206 034 or request a call back.
You can also discuss procedures by email.

Contact ISCARE Plastic Surgery Clinic Prague


Lucie Janku

Mobile phone: 00420 702 206 034
Send them an email: janku@iscare.cz or request a call back or fill in their contact form

Visit their English website: www.iscare.cz

Lighthouse Building
Jankovcova 1569/2c
170 04 Prague
Czech Republic

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