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ICA – Instituto De Cirugía Avanzada: Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine in Tenerife, Spain

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Based in Costa Adeje and  Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife, Spain, ICA Instituto De Cirugía Avanzada (Institute of Advanced Surgery), provides a comprehensive range of cosmetic surgery and dentistry procedures. Their advanced clinics bring together the latest medical equipment with some of the best surgeons to offer high quality care at affordable prices.  Not only this, but their modern techniques allow clients to be discharged the same day.

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ICA’s commitment to provide the highest standards of care has been recognised by the Institute of Vocational Excellence, who have awarded them with the Gold Star Professional Excellence.

Expert team

Sonia Diaz Perez

ICA - Instituto De Cirugia Avanzada - doctor banner

Dr. Sonia Diaz is a Specialist in Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery and Director of ICA. She has a Master’s degree in Aesthetic Surgery from the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid and a Master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine from the University of the Balearic Islands, as well as a Masters in Nutrition. Committed to staying abreast of all the latest developments in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine, she regularly attends courses and workshops for procedures such as the use of medical lasers, female intimate surgery, rhinoplasty and fat transplantation.

Hilario Robledo González

Dr. Hilario Robledo González is a Specialist in General Surgery and Gastroenterology, and a Master in Plastic Surgery. He underwent his medical and surgical training at the Complutense University of Madrid and completed his Master’s degree in Plastic Surgery at the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and holds a Certificate in Laser Surgery and Medicine in General Surgery from the American Board of Laser Surgery.  Dr González has worked at leading hospitals in the United States including Memorial Sloan Cancer Kettering in New York and the Mayo Foundation in Rochester.

Marlene Lopez Del Rosario

Dr. Marlene Lopez Del Rosario is a specialist in orthodontics. Following her dental degree at the University of Caracas in Venezuela, she undertook a Master’s degree in Orthodontics in Madrid, a Master’s in Aesthetic Orthodontics in Tenerife and a Master’s in Orthodontics Self-Ligating Brackets in Madrid.

Cosmetic surgery and Aesthetic Medicine in Tenerife

The dedicated team of professionals at ICA offer a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments:

ICA - Instituto De Cirugia Avanzada - banner

Plastic surgery

  • Facial plastic surgery

    - Ear correction surgery
    - Eyelid surgery
    - Facelift
    - Scar removal
    - Benign skin tumours

  • Body surgery

    - Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
    - Body lift
    - Scars, warts
    - Buttock augmentation
    - CO2 laser treatment for urinary incontinence
    - CO2 laser strengthening of the pelvic floor
    - CO2 laser vaginal whitening

ICA - Instituto De Cirugia Avanzada - consulting room
  • Breast surgery

  - Breast augmentation with implants
  - Breast lift (mastoplexy)
  - Breast reduction
  - Replacement breast prostheses
  - Correction of breast asymmetry
  - Breast areola surgery

  • Intimate surgery

  - Vaginal dryness
  - Correction of perineum tear
  - Reduction mons
  - Labiaplasty
  - Genital whitening
  - Hymenoplasty
  - Laser vaginal rejuvenation
  - Vaginal tightening

Aesthetic medicine

  • Facial aesthetic medicine

     - Fillers
    - Facial mesotherapy

   - Facial mesotherapy with vitamins
   - Easy laser resurfacing
   - Pixel laser
   - Medical peels
   - Laser treatment for skin blemishes
   - Laser tattoo removal
   - Laser acne treatment
   - Radiofrequency
   - Non-surgical lip augmentation
   - Laser resurfacing
   - Tensor threads

ICA - Instituto De Cirugia Avanzada - dental chair
  • Body aesthetic medicine

   - Ultrasonic cavitation (ultrasound liposuction)
   - Mesotherapy
   - Lymphatic drainage massage (LPG)
   - Radiofrequency
   - Pressure therapy for fluid retention/cellulite
   - Varicose vein treatments
   - Excess sweating treatment
   - Laser hair removal (female and male)
   - Laser tattoo removal

Nutrition and weight loss

  - Nutrition and weight loss
  - Consultation and assessment
  - Medical support
  - Nutritional support
  - Psychological support

Dental treatment

  - Orthodontics
  - Dental health
  - Dental aesthetic
  - Dental implants

Contact details

ICA - Instituto De Cirugia Avanzada - reception

ICA – Instituto De Cirugía Avanzada

Avenida Moscu 38
Costa Adeje

 Av  Melchor Luz, 9
38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tel:  +34 922 388 813

Email: info@icaservisalud.es

Web:   www.cirujanosesteticos.net






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