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Cosmetic Surgery Partners: Cosmetic surgery in the UK


Widely regarded as the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery clinic, Cosmetic Surgery Partners offer unparalleled services in the field of cosmetic treatments. They employ award winning surgeons, all benefiting from years of experience as industry leaders, with the clinic itself winning the coveted award of ‘Best Aesthetic Clinic in South England and Wales’ in 2015. The specialist cosmetic treatments on offer includes facial surgery, breast surgery and body surgery.


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Cosmetic treatments at Cosmetic Surgery Partners

Internationally regarded surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery Partners have pioneered new surgical techniques in the world of cosmetic surgery. These innovative techniques are all implemented, along with the most cutting-edge technology available, to give the patient the most satisfying result. The quality of each treatment is of paramount importance to the clinic, and to ensure only the highest quality work is performed, the clinic audits results on a monthly basis.

Cosmetic facial surgery at Cosmetic Surgery Partners


The elite team of specialist surgeons have decades of experience in facial rejuvenation. They are highly regarded as some of the world’s leading face-lift experts, resulting in them often being recruited to speak internationally about their work, as well as to the UK media. Combined, they have performed thousands of successful cosmetic facial procedures. The treatments on offer at Cosmetic Surgery Partners include:

  • Face-lifts – As pioneers in developing natural looking results from minimally invasive techniques, the experts at Cosmetic Surgery Partners strive for lasting effects with minimal signs of surgery. Ground-breaking face-lift techniques are utilised by the specialist surgeons who have performed hundreds of successful procedures, earning the clinic the vote for ‘Best for Facelifts 2014’ by Tatler Magazine.
  • Rhinoplasty – Experts at Cosmetic Surgery Partners achieve the highest calibre results as a result of their many years operating at the highest level. With a promise to be realistic and honest about the outcome, the clinics’ world renowned rhinoplasty surgeons have only the patients best interest in mind and will offer only the best solution to any issues the patient may have.
  • Eyelid surgery –Procedures designed to reduce drooping, remove eye bags and tighten creases and folds in the eyelids, they predictable and safe, so that the patient has a quick and simple solution to their issue.
  • Fat transfer – A natural, safe and effective way to restore plumpness to one area of the body by transferring fat from another. The process is completed through using the innovative VASER liposuction technique.
  • Neck lift – Designed to make a dramatic difference to visible signs of aging in the neck area, this procedure can improve the appearance of the skin in order to give the patient a naturally younger look.
  • Brow lift – Helping reverse the effects of gravity, such as drooping eyebrows and sagging of the upper eyelid, the procedure helps smooth over wrinkles and forehead lines that naturally occur. It can occur in accompaniment with Botox in the early stages, but surgery is recommended for long term solutions.

Cosmetic breast surgery at Cosmetic Surgery Partners


Surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery Partners benefit from unique experience in the field, as they have both developed and introduced a number of techniques to the world of cosmetic breast surgery. Their innovative techniques include the glandular slide-vertical scar for breast augmentation, and ABBA (anti-biotic breast augmentation). Both techniques are now industry norms in cosmetic surgery. The vast industry experience that the surgeons have in performing cosmetic breast surgery enables only the very best results for the patients. The treatments on offer include:

  • Breast augmentation – The most common cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK, Cosmetic Surgery Partners offer their industry leading surgeons to aid in the adjustment of the shape and size of the breast. Each case is unique, and the surgeons at the clinic endeavour to offer their expert opinion on the best course of action for the individual.
  • Breast reduction – A form of breast surgery designed to ease the pain and other associated medical problems that occur with large breasts. The procedure is available both to men and women, and is performed by industry leading surgeons.
  • Breast uplift – Designed to lift and reshape sagging breasts to create a more youthful and firm look. It is unlike other cosmetic breast surgeries in that it does not dramatically alter the volume of the breast, just the look of the breast.
  • Implant exchange – After a passage of time, some implants need to be replaced before any shifting or medical problems occur. A vast list of surgical options is available at Cosmetic Surgery Partners, and all will be thoroughly discussed during the initial consultation so that the best method for the individual is selected.
  • Inverted nipples – Simple and effective, correcting inverted nipples is an incredibly common procedure at Cosmetic Surgery Partners. With the specialist surgeons performing the surgery, it can be completed as a day case.

Cosmetic Body Surgery Cosmetic Surgery Partners


With obesity as such a large factor in modern society, Cosmetic Surgery Partners offer the very best in body treatments. Their surgeons are both leaders in the UK and Globally in the field of body surgery, and successfully complete hundreds of surgeries annually. The list of treatments on offer include:

  • Tummy tuck – Increasingly, this procedure is used to combine smooth skin with a flat stomach in order to achieve the body that patients desire. It is a way of boosting self-confidence through restoring youthful body shapes in a safe way.
  • Liposuction – A procedure to remove excess fat tissue from the body. It is performed frequently in areas such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. As one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, the reputable specialists at Cosmetic Surgery Partners have achieved success in treating hundreds of patients.
  • Male breast reduction – Gynaecomastia effects about 60% of the male population. Liposuction is often used to correct it but it often reappears. A better alternative is offered at the clinic, where they will complete gynaecomastia surgery or a combination of liposuction and gynaecomastia surgery to achieve the desired look.
  • Labiaplasty – Used to reduce or reshape the labia minora, Cosmetic Surgery Partners offers discreet consultation and a wealth of expertise for enquiring patients to question. 

Other treatments

Alongside the expert surgical procedures on offer, Cosmetic Surgery Partners offer a wide range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Hundreds of non-surgical procedures are carried out every year at the clinic, all with the most desirable outcome available. The list of non-surgical treatments includes:


The London Welbeck Hospital
27 Welbeck Street

Phone: 020 7486 6778

Email: Info@cosmeticsurgery-partners.co.uk

Website: www.cosmeticsurgery-partners.co.uk


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