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Cancer Centre at London’s Bupa Cromwell Hospital: Private cancer treatment in London

Bupa Cromwell Hospital private GP service

Bupa Cromwell Hospital is internationally recognised as a centre of excellence in the treatment of cancer. Cancer patients visit the hospital from all over the world, trusting them to deliver the most effective treatments.

Bupa Cromwell Hospital were the first center in the UK to install the revolutionary TomoTherapy Hi Art System and offer IMRT and IGRT as routine for many cancers.

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They offer each patient – adult or child – the most appropriate treatment to enable less radical surgery, better results and a shorter hospital stay.

They understand that this is a difficult time, not only for their patients but also their families. At the Hospital you will find a friendly, safe and comfortable environment, with a full range of specialist clinical support services including counselling, complementary therapies and their lymphodema service.

At Bupa Cromwell Hospital they have specialist teams of doctors who work together in a multi-disciplinary approach to manage often complex cancers.

Cancer diagnosis at Bupa Cromwell Cancer Centre

This range of diagnostic equipment is vital as more than one type of imaging technique is often needed for proper diagnosis. Diagnostic imaging has now become so complex and specialised that the Bupa Cromwell Cancer Centre has formed a substantial team, including over 25 radiologists, who perform and interpret a varied range of examinations and diagnostic techniques. See diagnostic equipment for information about the range of diagnostic tools available at the Bupa Cromwell Cancer Centre.

PET/CT scanner

The hospital has a state-of-the-art PET/CT scanner called the GEMINI™ "time of flight". This unique scanner merges two types of images, allowing doctors to detect cancer and pinpoint its exact location in the body.

As well as detecting cancer at its primary site it is also able to detect if the cancer has spread to bone, liver or lymph nodes close by. Cancer may spread into tissues where it can be seen by PET, but not by CT or MRI scans. For further information please download the PET/CT brochure (PDF).

CT scanner

CT scanner

As part of the hospital’s ongoing commitment to providing the best possible patient care, in January 2011 they installed one of the first high definition, low radiation CT scanners in London.

It can carry out a full body scan in just 10 seconds providing high definition imaging in 4D enabling doctors to see small vessels as thin as a human hair, in any part of the body, and make a quicker diagnosis.

MRI scanner

The hospital recently installed the UK's first private 'ambient experience' MRI Scanner. The new scanner has a number of design features making the scan faster and more comfortable for patients.

The recently installed Philips Ingenia 1.5T MRI scanner features:

  • An in-built ambient experience enabling you to choose your own music, lighting and wall images, designed to have a calming effect and possibly eliminate the need for a general anaesthetic for children
  • 30 percent reduction in scan time compared to conventional machines
  • A wider space (bore) to pass through – combining greater comfort and high image quality 

Other diagnosis methods:

  • Gamma camera: The gamma camera detects radioisotopes which are injected intravenously providing functional imaging of the body. It is a highly specialised procedure invaluable for locating secondary tumour sites (metastases) not visible by other imaging methods.

  • Ultrasound: Ultrasound uses ultra high frequency sound waves and is useful in diagnosing cancer of the liver, pancreas, kidneys, ovaries, prostate and breast.

  • Plain radiography and mammography: Plain radiography allows the detection of malignant abnormalities throughout the skeleton. Chest X-rays allow the examination of the lungs and heart, while mammography is an established method of identifying breast cancer.

  • Barium techniques: Barium meals and enemas are performed to identify structural abnormalities throughout the gastrointestinal tract allowing the detection of cancers.

Cancer treatment in London

New developments and new ways of treating cancer are being discovered. The Bupa Cromwell Hospital Cancer Centre is committed to remaining right at the forefront of private cancer treatment in the UK.

Gamma Knife facility

Gamma Knife Surgery

The first London Gamma Knife was installed at the Bupa Cromwell Hospital Gamma Knife Centre in 1998. Since that time they have successfully treated over 2,000 patients.

  • State of the art facility: In 2007 the centre was totally refurbished, and they installed the latest in Gamma Knife technology - the Gamma Knife PerfexionTM. This has since enabled them to not only treat tumours and abnormalities in the brain, but in the head and neck region as well.

  • Wide range of treatable conditions: Gamma Knife Surgery or Radiosurgery is recognised worldwide as an accepted treatment for various brain tumours, including; cancermetastases in the brain; benign tumours such as meningiomasacoustic neuromas,pituitary tumours and other head and neck tumours. Radiosurgery can also be used to treat trigeminal neuralgia and vascular malformations in the brain. One of the many benefits is that It enables neurosurgeons to treat many brain tumours that would otherwise be inaccessible for treatment.

  • Medical expertise: The Gamma Knife Centre at Bupa Cromwell Hospital is run by a highly experienced team of clinical staff and headed up by two Professors of Gamma Knife Surgery; Professor Christer Lindquist and Professor Bodo Lippitz, who have trained other neurosurgeons and oncologists worldwide to use the Gamma Knife.  Between them they have over 45 years of experience in Gamma Knife surgery.

  • NHS recognition: In July 2003, the London Specialised Commissioning Group recommended the Bupa Cromwell Hospital Gamma Knife Centre to provide Radiosurgery for NHS patients.


TomoTherapy is one of the most advanced, integrated cancer treatment system available.

The TomoTherapy Hi·Art System® is a new, revolutionary way to treat cancer with radiation. Using this system the physician can check the location of a patient's tumour before each treatment, then deliver painless and precise radiation therapy based on a carefully customised plan. The TomoTherapy Hi·Art System delivers a very sophisticated form of intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT).

Brachytherapy diagram

TomoTherapy literally means ‘slice therapy’ and gets its name from tomography, or cross-sectional imaging. The equipment used for TomoTherapy looks much like a computed tomography (CT) system: the patient lies on a couch that moves continuously through a rotating ring gantry. The gantry houses a linear accelerator, which delivers radiation, in the shape of a fan beam, as the ring is turning. With the couch moving at the same time as the gantry is rotating, the radiation beam makes a spiral (or helical) pattern around the patient, targeting tumours with optimal levels of radiation while minimising the dose to healthy areas.

The advantage of TomoTherapy is having a radiation treatment beam projected into the tumour continuously as it rotates means physicians can adjust the size, shape, and intensity of the beam to target the radiation to the size, shape, and location of the patient's tumour.

Sentinel Node Biopsy

This represents a considerable advance in breast cancer management to enable therapeutic decisions to be tailored to individual patients. For further information on this subject please contact the Breast Care Nurse.



Chemotherapy is the intravenous use of drugs to destroy cancer cells. The type of chemotherapy treatment given for cancer depends on many things, particularly the type of cancer. Often chemotherapy is used in conjunction with surgery and/or radiotherapy.

The Chemotherapy Day Unit at the Bupa Cromwell provides outpatient treatment from a dedicated team of nurses using the latest drug therapies. The appropriate therapy will be agreed with you by your Oncologist and will depend on the type and stage of your cancer.

A chemotherapy nurse specialist supervises all administration of chemotherapy to ensure compliance with all best practice guidelines.

Specialists in cancer treatment

The Cancer Centre at Bupa Cromwell Hospital prides itself on having highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary teams of surgeons and oncologists capable of treating a wide range of cancers. Many of their consultants are drawn from the major London teaching hospitals and have considerable experience in their particular area of expertise, and work in multi-disciplinary teams with their colleagues where appropriate. 

Clinical and nursing staff

The clinical and nursing staff in the Bupa Cromwell Cancer Centre work as part of a multi-disciplinary team ensuring that each patient receives the finest care and a comprehensive and personal treatment plan. Their medical team is, of course, also on hand to offer support and advice to patients throughout their treatment and follow-up. All clinical and nursing staff are fully trained in their area of expertise and are registered with their relevant professional bodies. 

Radiotherapy staff

To coincide with installation of two new TomoTherapy machines, the Radiotherapy Department has undergone extensive refurbishment.

In addition, the centre has a team of over 25 radiologists to read and interpret the varied range of diagnostic scans, as well as other cancer related specialists including: dermatologygastroenterology and respiratory medicine.

Specialist clinical support services

A full range of support services including counselling and complementary therapies means the hospital is able offer a holistic approach to cancer treatment.


Contact details / downloads

Macmillan Counselling Service

Support is available for not only patients but also family members and carers.


+44 (0)20 7460 5625

Lymphoedema Service

Offers specialised treatment for the management of lymphoedema.


+44 (0)20 7460 5749

Breast Care Nurse

The hospital employs a fully trained breast care nurse consultant to offer support and advice.


+44 (0)20 7460 5890 or
+44 (0)20 7460 2000 bleep 21

Massage Therapy

As part of your treatment plan, the hospital offers complimentary massage sessions. Massage can be helpful for people undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy to relax, alleviate tension and stress, and improve body comfort.


+44 (0)20 7460 5749

Nutrition and Dietetic Service

Their qualified dieticians advise on the appropriate dietary requirements of cancer patients.


+44 (0)20 7460 5566

Macmillan Palliative Care Nurse

Offers advice and help with pain and symptom management issues. Long term support arrangements and referrals to community teams. 


+44 (0)20 7460 5992 ext 7151


Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

They have a specialist oncology physiotherapist available for both inpatient and outpatient appointments. Rehabilitation programmes are tailored to suit individual needs by the appropriate specialist therapist and are available at any stage of your cancer treatment and recovery. 

Their occupational therapists can assess the home environment to ensure a smooth transition from the hospital to the home. Additionally they can assist in organising care in the community should this be required.


+44 (0)20 7460 5749

or visit: 




A special welcome for international patients

Bupa Cromwell Hospital’s International Patient Centre provides high quality service and care to all Arabic and other international patients and their families – whether you live in the UK or are travelling from overseas for treatment. 

They understand the specific challenges facing international patients seeking medical treatment. That is why they have experienced International Patient Co-ordinators to help you plan and organise all aspects of your visit to the hospital. Their priority is to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, and the service they offer is caring, confidential and respectful.

The International Patient Co-ordinators can offer advice to help you select the highest quality medical treatment; arrange appointments, and urgent admissions. They can help co-ordinate your stay covering both your medical care and your personal requirements. They offer reassurance, especially to those who have travelled from abroad for treatment.  They understand at first-hand the language and cultural needs you are likely to have, and can support you before, during and after your visit to the hospital.

International Patient Coordinator Services include assisting with:

  • Visas

  • Financial arrangements

  • Accommodation and transport – for patients and accompanying relatives

  • Interpreters

  • Scheduling follow-up appointments

  • Medical records and prescriptions

Bupa Cromwell International Patient Services
  • Dietary requirements, including Halal prepared meals, and ‘wish for a dish’ for patients to choose something they would like which is not on the extensive menus

  • Special security services as required

  • Chauffeur-driven cars and minibuses

  • Hairdressers and beauticians who can visit your room or suite

  • Religious considerations, for example there is a multi-faith worship room, and can provide prayer mats.

UK-based embassies

The International Patient Coordinators have close links with embassies in the UK which are coordinating visits for patients.  They work with embassies to help facilitate all the elements of the patient’s visit from before the patient arrives in the UK right up until their departure.

Luxury suites

Bupa Cromwell’s indulgent luxury suites combine modern interior with outstanding patient care. There are spacious King and Queen Suites, along with well-appointed Executive and Ambassador Suites. A fresh fruit basket, Molton Brown luxury products and a robe and slippers will be waiting for you upon arrival.

Privacy and security is also in hand. The luxury suites are accessible via private entrance and additional security can be provided should you need it.

The premium service caters for you 24/7. A dedicated VIP Co-ordinator will endeavour to accommodate any requirements you may have during your stay.

The menu has a number of delicious and healthy options to help you on the road to recovery. Room service is also available as is catering from outside the hospital.

The prestigious King and Queen Suites are located on the top floor, with exclusive access and offer spacious accommodation. A nurses' station serving both suites is staffed by a dedicated team which is on-call 24 hours a day.

King Suite

  • Fully-carpeted spacious drawing room with comfortable sofas and armchairs, occasional tables etc

  • Master bedroom suite with super-king size bed, fine linens

  • Fresh bed and bath linen daily and Molton Brown toiletries

  • Fixed Wifi position and desk

  • En-suite marble bathroom with double-size walk-in shower

  • Television with UK and overseas channels including all Arabic channels as standard, Sky TV and DVD playback

  • Digital radio

  • Magazines and newspapers including international publications, to order

Bupa Cromwell Queen Suite

Queen Suite

  • Ante-room with comfortable seating

  • Full-size dining room which can seat up to eight people

  • Master bedroom suite with super king-size bed, fine linens

  • En-suite marble bathroom with step in shower

  • Fresh bed and bath linen daily and Molton Brown toiletries

  • Television with UK and overseas channels including all Arabic channels as standard, Sky TV and DVD playback

  • Digital radio

  • Magazines and newspapers including international publications, to order

Companion rooms

There is a number of high quality spacious rooms available adjoining both the King and Queen Suites, and which are ideal for family members, companions and assistants.  Two of these rooms can be combined to provide a mini-suite of bedroom, and adjoining sitting room with two bathrooms.

High quality standard accommodation

  • Well appointed, light, air-conditioned rooms with en-suite bathrooms

  • Digital radio

  • Magazines and newspapers including international publications, to order

  • Excellent menu choice designed to appeal to a wide range of tastes

  • Fresh bed and bath linen daily and for that extra special touch each bathroom has Molton Brown toiletries.   

  • Each room is double glazed, equipped with a choice of national and international TV channels including all Arabic channels and SKY movies and DVD playback

Private roof garden

Patients are welcome to walk or sit, and relax in the quiet roof garden on the third floor level.

Local facilities to enjoy

Bupa Cromwell Hospital is located in Kensington just one and a half miles along the road from Knightsbridge with its many attractions including Harrods department store and a wide range of international designer and other shops, hairdressers and salons.

The famous Kensington Gardens is just a mile away and features the Peter Pan Garden which people of all ages enjoy, together with the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.

Making an appointment

For all information about making appointments for treatment at Bupa Cromwell Hospital, London, please contact the International Patient Centre:  

Tel:  +44 (0)20 7640 5660

Or visit the website 

Email: vip.coordinator@cromwellhospital.com

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