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Euromedical Tours: Medical Tourism Agency

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Euromedical Tours is a Healthcare Management and Patient Advocacy Service based in the UK. They are currently able to provide a low cost option for people seeking treatment abroad in Croatia, Greece, Hungary, India, Pakistan and Turkey.

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Hospitals, surgeons and patient care

The services that Euromedical Tours offer are supported by state of the art healthcare systems, medical infrastructures and human resources, comparable to the best in the world. Euromedical Tours provide patients access to an extensive network of hospitals, internationally qualified consultants, excellent nursing care and facilities that measure up to certified standards of quality and best practice.

  • The hospitals in their network are accredited by international quality organisations for excellence in clinical governance. The facilities at these hospitals are at the forefront of technology and they exercise a stringent infection control policy.

  • The surgeons they use have international qualifications, subscribe to continual professional development and have over 20 years of experience in their fields of specialisation.

  • The care environment involves best practice in nursing, proactive patient mentoring, ease of communication and meeting the special needs of Euromedical Tours’ patients.

Operations and treatments offered

The operations and treatments they offer to their patients currently include:

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Personalised patient care

Euromedical Tours also offer a personalised and all inclusive service that takes the distance out of the equation:

  • They take enquiries to the best suited facility, letting patients meet / speak to the consultants and surgeons.
  • They let patients have access to all healthcare records through their secure platform at all times, so that patients are 'in the know' at every stage.

Contact Details 

Euromedical Tours
118 Hampton Road
IG1 1PU 

Tel:        +44 (0)20 8911 8800

Mob:      +44 (0)7971 88 9696

Fax:       +44 (0)20 3393 1740

Skype:   globalhealthmanager

Email:    info@euromedicaltours.com   

Web:      www.euromedicaltours.com



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