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Euromedic Tourism: Medical Tourism Agency

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A trusted name in the European healthcare sector for over 20 years, Euromedic Tourism connects individuals to their network of partnered Medical facilities. They bring together extensive knowledge and professionalism to offer a range of treatments across various specialities, including: orthopaedic, dermatology, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, general surgery and more at their partnered medical centres. While offering a comprehensive support package to the client.

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Why choose Euromedic Tourism? 

Euromed Facility

Euromedic Tourism is committed to providing its clients with the best possible service, so they only work with the very best. They work together with highly skilled and qualified doctors who posses many years of experience practicing their speciality. Their partnered clinics boast the most modern and advanced equipment to provide you with the highest quality of medical care.

In order to offer you the very best medical service at the best price, their partnered centres are located in Hungary, Slovenia and Romania. Being in such convenient locations, at the heart of Europe, Euromedic offer packages are on average 30-50% cheaper than the price is comparable clinics in Western Europe, offering affordable healthcare with absolutely no compromise on quality. 

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Taking care of all the details 

Putting your health as our primary concern, Euromedic Tourism offers a complete travel and treatment packages so your health is the only thing you need to worry about. They can take care of all your travel arrangements, including flights, transfers, visas (if needed), and accommodation at one of their handpicked hotels. In combination with wellness services, and specialized tours highlighting your chosen destination, allowing you to enjoy a quality service in the best location, at the lowest price. Along with this, Euromedic Tourism will take care of every aspect of your treatment by arranging all the necessary appointments with the local doctors. 

Euromedic  destinations

Comprehensive treatment

Euromedic Tourism provides a comprehensive service to make sure that your health is maintained. They offer a full check-up service across a wide range of medical specialties and individualised post-treatment programmes, usually lasting 7-14 days. Understanding how important your recovery is, Euromedic Tourism will organise for your post-treatment recovery to take place in a specialised hotel to help you get back on your feet following your medical procedure.


Hungary baths

Apart from facilitating your medical needs, Euromedic Tourism also prioritise your wellbeing. Each of their destinations possess heaps of unique charm to help you rejuvenate yourself. From the banks of the Blue Danube in Budapest, in Hungary so beautiful Johan Strauss II composed his most famous waltz about it, to the historic natural thermal baths so famous the Romans conquered lands to get access to it. From the secluded Carpathian mountains in Romania, to the calming waters of Lake Bled on the shores of the Alps in Slovenia. Relaxation and wellness treatments will make any medical tourism visit complete, whether before, during or after your treatment. 


Euromedic offers access to a wide spectrum of high quality treatments, across different specialities in their trusted facilities, including: 


Contact Euromedic Tourism 

Euromedic Tourism 

Dorottya st. 1,

1051 Budapest, 


Tel: + (361) 815 31 00

Fax: + (361) 815 31 08

Email: tourism@euromedic-tourism.com

Website: www.euromedic-tourism.com 

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