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Cosmosuit, Neuro-rehabilitation centre, Italy


Since being established in 2016, Cosmosuit has earned an excellent reputation by providing patients with a unique blend of traditional and innovative methods of neurorehabilitation. Based in Vigevano, near Milan, Italy, they have a team of highly trained, experience specialists expertly providing a range of services for children and adults duffering from a number of conditions including: cerebral palsy, spinal injuries, neuroinfections, Parkinson’s Disease and strokes.

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About Cosmosuit

The Cosmosuit Rehabilitation Institute, Italy, was founded by a group of Russian medical specialists who were involved in the development of the original Adeli suit and method of medical rehabilitation. The centre’s expert staff have a wealth of experience in treating patients in need of neuro-rehabilitation, and they are passionate about ensuring their patients achieve a greater quality of life after treatment.

The facility is experience in treating patients from overseas and is able to offer sidcounts to medical travellers at local hotels and restaurants, as well as assistance in finding and planning transport to and from rehabilitation sessions.

Neuro-rehabilitation methods

The course of rehabilitation is chosen individually for each patient depending on the diagnosis and various patient-specific characteristics and requirements. The clinic’s main aim is to achieve a life-long positive effect and ensure that the quality of life for the patient has been improved as much as possible.

Cosmosuit offers intensive complex rehabilitation that consists of the following methosr to treat both adults and children:

  • Kinesitherapy in Adeli suit
  • Medical gymnastics
  • Physiotherapy with the use of equipment (mechanotherapy) and exercise units
  • Massage
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Psychological therapy

Equipment and facilities

The Cosmosuit Centre is conveniently located in the heart of Vigevano, 30 kilometres from Milan and a short distance from the international airports and local transport links. The facility is spacious with a floor space of over 600m2 and is equipped with some of the most unique, up-to-date and state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment, including:

The Cosmosuit device

The Cosmosuit device is a medical soft orthesis, designed specifically to correct body posture issues and improve the patients range of movement. It is a development of its predecessor, the Adeli suit which was created in 1971. The use of the Cosmosuit device helps to:

•    Physiologically correct patient’s posture and position of the limbs
•    Form the trajectory of the patient’s movements
•    Weaken and gradually destruct the severity of pathological synergies
•    Significantly reduce the severity of abnormal postural-tonic reflexes
•    Speed up the development of new correct movement patterns

Gross exercise unit    

Gross exercise unit is a device designed to help maximise the effects of physical exercise. It puts optimal stress on the muscular skeletal system and creates an ideal environment for lesser able muscles to function. While acting as support against falling, it helps patients to:

•    Perform exercises in an upright position
•    Improve range of movement, static and coordination skills
•    Relax their muscles in the hypertonus and stimulate muscles in the hypotonus.

UGUL universal cabin for suspension therapy

The UGUL is a suspension system specifically designed to restore a greater range of motion, normalise muscle tone, strengthen the muscles and improve the patients balance as well as coordination. This unique method of therapy provides a feeling of weightlessness and relieves the tension from the patient’s muscles.


The Reamed-Polyaris is a unique creation of the Russian institute of Medical Rehabilitation designed to carry out the procedures of an advanced type of neuro-stimulation called trans-cranial stimulation. It provides a flow of constant low-amplitude currents on the patients muscle tissues. This is a highly efficient rehabilitation treatment that helps change functional conditions of different links in the central nervous system in a targeted way. Benefits of Reamed-Polyaris include:

•    Prevention of fatigue
•    Increased range of movement
•    Improvement of support functions
•    Development of motor skills
•    Normalisation of mood and sleep cycles


Akkord is a complex multichannel-programmed electric stimulation of muscle based on the use of low-amplitude impulse currents. Akkord stimulates the muscles in both passive and active states, depending on the severity of the neurological condition. Akkord is a leading method of neuro-rehabilitation, and it has no other competition of its type.


Corvit is a device used to stimulate special pressure points on the feet, by imitating various physical impacts on the foot while walking. Due to such stimulation, this method prevents postural instability during verticalisation of patients after a prolonged time of bed rest and it helps activate the brain centres that help determine pattern of movement.

Contact information

Via Giuseppe Verdi, 3B
Vigevano PV

Email: international@cosmosuit.com
Phone: +44 7445223277, +44 7463210828
Website: www.cosmosuit.com

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