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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital: Private hospital treatment in North West London

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Located in North West London, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is a modern hospital providing specialist treatments in an extensive range of specialities including neonatal services, paediatric surgery, weight loss surgery, dermatology and general local services. 

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About Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Providing treatment for over 360,000 patients every year, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital strives to be the preferred hospital of choice, delivering exceptional care and expert treatment for a range of specialities. They have more than 430 inpatient beds and are in the top 5 hospitals for low mortality rates in England, as published in the most recent Dr Foster Hospital Guide.

Chelsea and Westminster hospital endeavours to deliver the highest standards of care; their principles are based on a set of four values, which include providing safe, kind, excellent and respectful treatment and care for every patient.

By putting their patients first, the hospital has seen an extensive redevelopment to improve the services and care that patients receive. One of their priorities is ensuring that you receive the highest quality of care. To help achieve this, they always meet the national care standards with regards to high quality treatments, provide outstanding levels of care, and maintain the highest standards of safety and cleanliness, in addition to using the latest and most up to date technology.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital staff

Dedicated and award-winning staff

They have numerous award-winning staff members and many who have been shortlisted for awards. All their staff are dedicated and committed in ensuring you receive the best possible care and treatment when you come to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Specialist services at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital team

HIV and sexual health specialist clinics in London

In addition to the specialist services at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, they also run several HIV and sexual health specialist centres across locations in London:

Facilities available

Following the redevelopment project, the following facilities have been created to provide better patient care and services:

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital services

Learning disability services

To ensure that everyone has the best patient experience, they pledge equal access to their services for every patient. As part of this guarantee, they have a commitment which ensures that patients with learning disabilities have access to all of their services and facilities, following guidelines set by the Care Quality Commission. The following additional services are offered to patients with learning disabilities:

Excellent patient feedback

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital regularly provide patient surveys, which they use to improve their patient services and your experience. In the most recent National Inpatient Service, 89% of adult inpatients said that their care was ‘excellent’, ‘very good’ or ‘good’. The latest National Maternity Patients Survey showed that 96% of women regarded their care as either ‘good’, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.  

Contact details

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

369 Fulham Road


SW10 9NH

Tel: 020 3315 8585
Email: acu@chelwest.nhs.uk
Website: www.chelwest.nhs.uk


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