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Mr Simon Smith: Consultant Oncoplastic Breast, and Endocrine Surgeon, Essex

Simon Smith - Profile pic - Consultant Oncoplastic Breast, and Endocrine Surgeon, Essex

A Consultant General Surgeon, who is a specialist in breast and cosmetic breast surgery including resectional breast surgery for breast cancer treatment, as well as many reconstructive and cosmetic breast procedures

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Mr Simon Smith BSc MS FRCS FRCS(Gen Surg) is a Consultant General Surgeon who specialises in breast and endocrine surgery. He is an ‘Oncoplastic’  Breast Surgeon performing not only resectional breast surgery for breast cancer, but also many reconstructive and cosmetic breast procedures.

Mr Smith currently practices at the NHS Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, and Ramsay Springfield Hospital, Chelmsford.

Surgical training

Mr Smith qualified from St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington in 1993, and remained in and around West London for the majority of his postgraduate training. He is a fully accredited general surgeon, and won the Association of Surgeons Gold Medal for top position in the UK in the Intercollegiate Surgical Board Examinations in general and breast surgery.

Mr Smith trained in breast surgery at several breast units, including St. Mary’s, Hillingdon, Colchester and Chelmsford. Training in reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery was gained at St. Mary’s, and subsequently on the National Oncoplastic Fellowship hosted at Colchester & St Andrew’s Centre for Plastic Surgery at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford.

Mr Smith underwent endocrine surgery training at St. Mary’s, London and as Senior Registrar at Hammersmith Hospital; the largest endocrine surgical centre in the UK.


Mr Smith worked under Professor Ara Darzi for two years doing research into assessment, training and accreditation of technical skills in surgery, and was awarded a Master of Surgery Degree from the University of London for his research.

Professional memberships

Specialist interests

As well as undertaking a full ‘General Surgical’ workload, including a full role in the General Surgical On Call Rota at Broomfield, Mr Smith's specialist interests are:

Endocrine surgery

  • Thyroid surgery

  • Parathyroid surgery

  • Adrenal surgery (laparoscopic and open adrenalectomy

  • Pancreatic endocrine tumours

Breast surgery

  • Diagnostic / screening

  • Breast cancer surgery

  • Cosmetic breast surgery
  • Diseases of the male breast medical & surgical treatment

  • Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction

Immediate and delayed breast reconstruction in association with mastectomy, or partial reconstruction following cosmetically unfavourable breast conserving surgery, can be a complex matter.

Mr Smith's particular interests lie in improving the cosmetic outcome of surgery for breast cancer. Methods to achieve this include partial and total breast reconstruction, novel techniques such as therapeutic mammoplasty (breast reduction surgery for breast cancer treatment) etc.

Whilst Mr Smith performs most of these techniques himself, he also has a close working relationship with the microvascular plastic surgeons at St Andrew’s, Broomfield, which allows a full range of techniques to be offered to patients, dependant on choice / suitability. This close multidisciplinary team offers patients access to the latest most advanced techniques where suitable.

Cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery

Mr Smith performs the full array of aesthetic breast and highly specialist breast reconstructive procedures, including male breast problems:

  • Macrolane injectable breast contouring

  • Breast augmentation for breast asymmetry
  • Breast reduction

  • Breast uplift (mastopexy)

  • Implant/expander based reconstruction, Latissimus Dorsi (LD), extended fully autologous LD flap breast, Laparoscopically harvested pedicled

  • Coleman Auto-Fat injections for post-resection deformity correction

  • Male breast reduction (periareola excision of true gynaecomastia)

  • Benelli mastopexy

  • Nipple reconstruction

  • Reconstruction revision

  • Male breast fat removal (Pseudo-Gynaecomastia) using liposuction


Cosmetic procedures offered

Surgical Procedures For Women

Surgical Procedures For  Men

  • Breast

    • Augmentation- anatomical or round (5th generation) implants
    • Breast implant exchange
    • Breast Uplift- wise pattern, Benelli (mini lift) and vertical scar
    • Breast Reduction- small or large volumes
    • Correction of nipple inversion
    • Removal of skin lesions
    • Scar revisions
    • Breast lump, breast cancer, investigation and treatment


  • Male chest wall

    • Liposuction
    • Breast reduction
    • Scar and skin lesions
    • Open Gynaecomastia Procedures (Websters Operation)




Operations undertaken


  • Breast conservation & Mastectomy & Lymph node surgery including Sentinel Node Biopsy

  • Skin Sparing Mastectomy & Immediate Reconstruction or Delayed reconstruction

  • Autologous Latissimus Dorsi

  • Latissimus Dorsi & Implant

  • Implant Only

  • Free Flap (DIEP etc) with plastic surgical team

  • Gynaecomastia (male breast ) surgery (including minimally invasive techniques)

  • Cosmetic procedures including Augmentation, Reduction and Mastopexy (breast lift)


  • Thyroidectomy

  • Parathyroidectomy (inc Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy)

  • Adrenalectomy

General surgery

  • Hernia Repair, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, skin lesions, lumps & bumps, emergency laparotomy etc

Number of key operations performed

  • Breast Cancer Wide Local Excision / Sentinel Node Biopsy/ Axillary Clearance – 140

  • Breast Cancer mastectomy / Sentinel Node Biopsy / Axillary Clearance – 50

  • Breast Reconstruction – Latissimus Dorsi Flap / Autologous Latissimus Dorsi Flap – 20

  • Breast Reconstruction – DIEP flap (with microvascular surgeons) - 25

  • Breast Reduction for Cancer (Therapeutic mammoplasty) 20

  • Thyroidectomy – 20

  • Parathyroidectomy – 20

  • Hernia Repair - 40

Where can I get treatment? 

NHS treatment

Private operations

Broomfield Hospital
Mid Essex Hospitals trust

Tel: 020 8967 5000
Website: www.meht.nhs.uk

Ramsay Springfield Hospital

Tel: 01277 829 782
Fax: 01277 841 339
Website: www.ramsayhealth.co.uk

Contact details

Mr Simon Smith
Ramsay Springfield Hospital

Tel: 01277 829 782
Fax: 01277 841 339
Email: simon@oncoplasticsurgeon.co.uk 

GMC Number:


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Date of registration:

01 Aug 1994


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