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Private surgery and medical treatment in Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine

The continuing falls in the cost of global transport are making exciting new destinations affordable and popular. Ukraine, bordering the Black Sea, between Poland, Romania, and Moldova in the west and Russia in the east attracts more than 15 million tourists every year, primarily from Eastern Europe, but also from Western Europe and USA. Prices in Ukraine are extremely competitive, not only for dental treatment but also for accommodation, shopping and transport. Ukrainians are renowned for being wonderfully warm and welcoming.

Treatments provided in Ukraine

  • Infinity Clinic -logo Infinity Clinic: Stem cell therapy in UkraineLicensed by the Ukrainian government, Infinity Clinic in Kiev specialises in regenerative therapy and preventative treatment using fetal stem cell treatment. A pioneering centre with the largest bank...
  • Successful Parents - fertiltity and surrogact services in Ukraine Successful Parents: Egg Donation and Surrogacy Center in UkraineSuccessful Parents agency in Kiev, Ukraine, was established in 2003, since when they have been providing fertility programmes including, surrogacy, egg donation and legal advice to couples from...
  • ISIDA Logo ISIDA: Infertility treatment in UkraineEstablished for over 23 years, ISIDA is the largest women's infertility and health clinic in Ukraine. The specialist clinic brings together the most advanced diagnostic and medical technology with...

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